Volunteer Opportunities.

Thank you  for your effort to identify Eden ministries Uganda as your good place to volunteer with. We are much please to inform you that  you are welcome to Uganda and in particular to Eden family with Eden School,Eden medical centre and Eden youth sports and community centre.

Why volunteer in Uganda with us?

  • Use the skills you have to help a community in need
  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Immerse in Uganda/ East Africa, discover a new culture, and experience a diverse country!
  • Help strengthen our community
  • Build bonds with new friends, the staff, other volunteers as well as your family and coworkers back home
  • Increase your mental health  by making someone else’s life a little (or a lot) easier
  • Develop emotional stability by increasing your sense of purpose
  • Improve self-esteem, confidence by realizing there is so much YOU can do to help our community!
  • Improve your career by acquiring new skills
  • GIVE joyful witness to love: the love of God, of one another, and of all people
  • Have fun! Come and play with our kids and enjoy the company of the lovely staff =)
  • At last, but not least, you will feel just GREAT knowing you helped changing the life of a brother or sister in need!

Who do we need?

  • Dedicated and compassionate people willing to contribute with their skills to upgrade the community! 
  • Enthusiasm, good sense of humor and helping spirit is a great asset!

What motivates you?

Come as a teacher, nurse, minister/pastor, doctor, engineer, painter, project manager, gardener, farmer, hair dresses, computer trainer or entry level student. What matters is your willingness to join our team and share your ideas, creativity and knowledge.

What will you do?

Mostly depends on what skills you have, but if volunteers wish, they can:

  • Assist the staff by improving their professional skills
  • Develop new projects
  • Assistance conducting service to the community
  • Teach children English, or any subject of your expertise
  • Teach the staff and other teachers how to have fun while learning, be it doing some craft work, playing music, dancing or reading  and also teach the children
  • Fundraising

Whether you have an applicable skill or you simply want to contribute to aid initiatives in Africa, we openly welcome you. You can help with as many projects as you wish, and for as long as you wish.

Accommodation/ CostsVolunteers will stay at a rented room or house for the cost of about 100$/150$ month. Let us know what is your preferred accommodation (basic or full standard) and we shall provide for you.As we are located a bit far of Entebbe International Airport we will pick you up and drop you off at the airport for 50$USD.

if you are able to support our project , the support is welcome but volunteering with us is free